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Replacements for Alfa Laval Moatti

Replacements for Alfa Laval | Moatti

We are able to offer the whole spare part range for the filter sizes 150 / 152 / 240 / 280 / 350 including filter discs, lter inserts, gaskets, bearings, springs and many more.

In addition to the presented products we can offer all installed ltration devices in the marine market:

  • Hydraulic Filters (Mahle, Hydac, Eppensteiner, Filtrec, etc.)
  • Compressor Filters (Atlas Copco, Alup, Tamrotor, Sauer&Sohn, etc.)
  • Air Driers (Hankinson, Zander, Ultra Filter, etc.)
  • Water Filter (Pentek, Shelco, Aquapure, etc.)
  • Notch-Wire-Elements (Kanagawa Kiki, Yoowon and Ameroid)
  • HVAC Filters (Camfil, AAF, Norgren) and many more…